Zoco Engineering, Inc.

Zoco Engineering is a small environmental consulting firm specializing in assessing and restoring natural resources within marine, freshwater, and terrestrial environments, and providing policy and regulatory support to these same environments.  Our senior staff have decades of experience managing and developing natural resource damage assessments for oil spills and ship groundings, and have provided technical and adjudicatory support to US and International trustees and governments.

Our company maintains a small core team complimented with a wide network of experts to provide each client and case with a targeted approach staffed with leading experts in the appropriate fields. We feel that each case is unique and that the client’s needs should be met with a solution that is uniquely staffed and supported. Our ability to listen and understand our clients needs, to recognize the external pressures and realities surrounding those needs, to research and understand the state of the art of existing research and tools, and then to create a unique team and solution set tailored to the client is unparalleled.  We welcome the opportunity to work with you as part of your team or to provide you with unique tools, expertise, and solutions.

Zoco Engineering provides clients with biological, physical, and toxicological assessments, including the development and implementation of field and monitoring studies, ephemeral data collection, hindcast and forecast modeling, GIS database development, regulatory knowledge, and expert opinion and research.  Our staff has used these capabilities on hundreds of projects and damage assessments around the world, supporting our clients in adjudication, settlement negotiation, and litigation support, attorney work product, and expert witness preparation and testimony.  Zoco Engineering is well versed in using these experiences and capabilities to develop and conduct environmental assessment training, response planning and training, environmental planning and policy support, and risk management and risk reduction.